JamieSpace – Your Online Personal Space for Thoughts and Ideas that Matter

Slide Ask Jamie Your "go to" personal online Space! Organize your thoughts, contacts, events and more in a focused and personalized environment! Create your JamieSpace today! Slide Organize, Simplify and Categorize your Life Create your JamieSpace today!

Your JamieSpace includes:


This is the heart of the platform.   Forums provide a central space for people to share their thoughts and views with others.  A focused, distraction free platform provides the environment needed to keep things in order.


Keep track of dates of meetings, events, special occasions, assignments, birthdays, meeting or anything else pertaining to your community.


Keep track of community members and other people your community needs info on in a easy to find categorized directory.


Have any files that your group needs access to?  Organize and categorize them in one central location!