Why Jamiespace?

Why Jamiespace?

We all need a Space of our own!

  1. Easy to start
  2. Get Organized
  3. Your data is NOT shared

For info you don’t want lost in your Inbox, chat apps or social media groups.

JamieSpace Is Your “Go to” Space

Stop stressing over complicated apps and platforms. JamieSpace is your online desk where you make all the decisions.

Go public or stay private: Want to keep your discussions and files private? That’s simple. Only users who are logged in and accepted can view your private community.  Public or private is an option when you start your space – there’s no action to change this later.

Your name — or not: You can use your real name or create a user name. It’s up to you when you start a JamieSpace!

Full customization: Choose your favorite colors for your space.

Easy editing and search functions: It’s simple to type, save, and search.

Videos and images: Simple image storage and easy video link embedding.

Get organized – store the important things digitally!

1 – Recently purchased items, keep purchase date, warranty, receipt and product manuals in once place!

2 – Mementos – for the special moments of your like.  Keep personal letters, ticket stubs, photos.

3 – Pet info  vet records, vaccination info, license info, pet boarding options and pics of your pets through the years,

4 – Archive your refrigerator art  Take those favorite finger paintings that your children made and digitize them!  Or just make a category of proud parental moments.

Keep Track of Everyday Items

  1. Shopping Lists.
  2. A personal journal. .
  3. A simple calendar.
  4. Fitness routines. 
  5. Store you favorite Recipes in your Space.
  6. Scan receipts.
  7. Keep track of the household chores


  1. Brainstorming threads. Whenever you’re inspired – your JamieSpace is always accessible. For yourself or for a group.  A JamieSpace allows focus around a central goal much better then email or chat apps.
  2. An Idea journal. We constantly have ideas pop up in our heads.  Use your JamieSpace as the central location to write these down.
  3. To-do lists. We always have things we need to do.  Writing them down is incredibly helpful.
  4. Favorite spots. Keep track of where you’ve been – what you liked about the place and what you missed or would like to do next time.
  5. Bucket list. Keep track of those life goals

List ideas

  • To-do list: We ALL need this one!
  • Packing list: There’s always one item we forget.  Create a list so that you’re ready next time!
  • Goals list: Always best to write them down!
  • Streaming list: We get ton of suggestions on what to watch from friends and family, store them in your space!
  • Reading list: See a book online or at the bookstore – and it your reading thread.
  • Home repairs list: pull it up on your phone when you’re at Home Depot and grab everything you need.
  • Grocery list: Run out of something – add it here.
  • Where to eat list: Have local restaurants or in NYC that you’ve been meaning  to try – start a thread in your space.

Research and learning with your Space

  1. Research projects. Remodeling your kitchen? Shopping for a new car? Clip photos and articles from the web, jot down notes, and scan documents and photos together in one place.
  2. Genealogy. This fascinating pastime uses So. Much. Paper.
  3. School note and projects. Student? Parent of a student? Evernote shines at school.
  4. Embed Learning videos. Find a hobby your passionate about or want to learn.  There are millions videos on Youtube – embed and organize your favorites with JamieSpace.

Planning ideas

  1. Travel documents and plans. Keep track of your e-tickets, confirmation and reservation numbers, directions, maps, and phone numbers, it’s always with you.
  2. Like to write? JamieSpace provides a distraction-free space to focus on that screenplay, novel, short story, etc.
  3. House hunting? Research new neighborhoods.  Get your house in order for sale.  Keep track of all the important papers you’ll need.
  4. Events. Start a JamieSpace for a single event. Keep guest lists, vendor quotes, menus and more in one place

JamieSpace Ideas

A few ideas for your JamieSpace.

Shopping List

Never forget what you need to pick up next time you’re shopping.


Need to work out an idea within a small group – a Jamiespace is ideal!

How to Videos

Have any instructional videos/lessons that you use on a regular basis?  Embed them in a How to category.


Create a recipe category and keep all of your favorites in one place.

Doctor's Appointments

Keep track of your annual check ups in the calendar.

Yearly routines

Do you have a recurring task?  Sometimes you want to document how you did something so you know how to perfect it for next time.

Upcoming Trips

Plan your next trip’s itinerary in your Upcoming Trips category.

Major Purchases

Create a space to gather your needs and desires for an upcoming purchase.

House Projects

Create honey-do lists or focus on a specific project.


Keep track of what you’ve planted or plan to plant with a gardening category.

Keep Track of Things

What’s in your storage boxes.  Document in a “Where’s my stuff?” topic.


Need to repair something, gather all related data in a thread.