Why Jamiespace?

Why Jamiespace?

Set-up – takes under a minute to set-up – only one simple form!  Check it out!


JamieSpace – provides a centralized space that’s easy to follow and all participants have access to the same information.

Important Information – JamieSpace is ideal for the information and conversations that you don’t want to lose in email and chat apps.

Quick communication – Slack – WhatsApp are more for immediate feedback.  These are not organized as well as a JamieSpace and has the same flaws as email, chats and texting.

A Focused Space to Collaborate!

Stop stressing over complicated apps and platforms. JamieSpace is your online space where important information is shared.

Easy editing and search functions: It’s simple to type, save, and search.

Go public or stay private: Want to keep your discussions and files private? That’s simple. Only users who are logged in and accepted can view your private community.  Public or private is an option when you start your space – there’s no action to change this later.

Your name — or not: You can use your real name or create a user name. It’s up to you when you start a JamieSpace!

Full customization: Choose your favorite colors for your space.

Videos and images: Simple image storage and easy video link embedding.