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$20 is our current target price – but if you feel like contributing more to help us develop – we would appreciate it. Also, to fit your budget, we’ll also accept in the $10-20 range as well!

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  • Forum
  • Events
  • Contacts
  • Files

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  • Real name or Username

Includes 5 gigs of disk space!


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Thanks to everyone who has used our platform in it’s many versions over the past 20+ years!  In the beginning, we used many different scripts (Forum, Directory, Calendar, etc).  In the past five years, we started from scratch and have created our own proprietary platform.  We have also realized that the platform is great for more than just Town communities.  Please try it out for yourself – and if you love what we’re doing, please chip in!  Or chip in if you love the concept!  This venture has been self-funded.   Your participation and feedback can help us take it to the next level!