About JamieSpace

About JamieSpace

I wanted to  Create a Safe, Simple, Secure Space for the Info you don’t want to get lost in  email and chat apps.

More than two decades ago, I founded Maplewood Online as an online community for a small, tight-knit community in New Jersey. Though Maplewood Online is still active today, Jamie recognized that as social media grew in popularity, individuals needed a personal and private space for themselves online. That’s why JamieSpace was created – to give people their own safe, simple, and secure space to create, organize, and collaborate online.

With the constant notifications and endless scroll of content on traditional social media platforms, it can be overwhelming and lead to attention deficit disorder (ADD). JamieSpace recognizes this issue and provides an alternative online environment that is free from distractions.

Unlike other social media platforms, JamieSpace does not place an emphasis on the number of followers or likes one has.   This eliminates the pressure to constantly curate and post content in order to maintain a certain image or receive validation from others. Instead, JamieSpace allows users to use the platform in their own time and at their own pace.

Additionally, JamieSpace provides an online space that is accessible when needed and where information is not lost in an overflowing email inbox or a linear chat. Traditional social media platforms and email can be overwhelming with the sheer amount of information that is constantly being updated and sent. JamieSpace offers a way to organize and access the information in a more manageable and organized way.

Overall, JamieSpace is an online environment that prioritizes mental well-being and organization, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional social media platforms.

Jamie Ross